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Bitcoinsey.com - Bitcoin Turnkey Site

Bitcoinsey.com - Bitcoin Turnkey Site

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Bitcoinsey.com - Bitcoin Turnkey Site
Bitcoinsey.com - Bitcoin Turnkey Site


BITCOINSEY.COM is a full turnkey Bitcoin content website that is ready to start making money.  You cannot go wrong with anything related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency as these are the hottest investment areas around.  This turnkey website comes packed with articles and everything you need to get started in this niche. 


The site is already pre-populated and includes several articles on using, buying, selling, and investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.  

You can easily add new content by writing interesting articles yourself or hiring your own article writers from Fiver or Upwork.

The website is also configured to provide the best layout to catch the attention of visitors to the site.

Main Store Page - BITCOINSEY.COM

  • Great Marketable Domain – BITCOINSEY.COM
  • Domain That Is Brandable And Customers Will Recognize
  • Fully Turnkey Operational Website That You Can Run Easily
  • Optimized Website Layout To Attract The Most Visitors
  • Top WordPress Theme
  • Site Built On Easy To Use WordPress Platform
  • Great Profitable Niche
  • Custom Header Specifically Made For This Site


YES. Anyone can run this site – even a newbie.  Since the site is built on the popular WordPress platform, even a newbie can learn how to get up and running quickly.


We will install the website for free as part of the package.  The domain name is hosted with Go Daddy so we can quickly push the domain to your domain account.


The site is already setup to start making you money with preloaded Affiliate Bitcoin and related products. 

The best ways to make money with this site are through Ads, Affiliate Product Programs, building a mail list and marketing products to then, selling your own PLR products, and much more.

For example, ClickBank is a great place where you can quickly and easily find Affiliate Products that you can promote and make money.  Many ClickBank products owners will give you anywhere from 50%-75% of the profit from the sale of the product. This can be quite lucrative, for example, if you see a $99 product and you make even just 50% - that is a $50 profit.

It is easy to get started with ClickBank. You just signup for a free affiliate account, find product in the marketplace, load the banner on the blog, and promote your site to get visitors interest such as writing a review article on the products, etc. We can give the winner the step by step how to on this.

We have several preloaded ClickBank products on the site you can see for yourself with the banner ads.

You can also make money with Sponsored Ads from other businesses or you can use Google Adsense that will automatically put ads on your site so you can make money from direct clicks.

This is why having a well laid out and themed blog site can make you money. You can focus on adding articles, reviews, and promoting other peoples or your own products and focus on making money.

What if you are not a good writer or don’t want to write articles?

No problem, you can hire a writer for pretty cheap and get articles sent to you and you can just post them. There are writers you can hire that will even post them for you. We can give the winner a list of writer sources we have used. Remember the goal here is to make thing simple. Get an existing site with traffic, you just add content and affiliate programs and promote the site to make money.

As your traffic increases, you can also build a mail list of visitors and you can create an autoresponder series to sell them your affiliate products. We can give the winner more advice here. This just means more money in your pocket.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is general is going to be one of the biggest investment areas from many years to come.  This website will give you the ability to grow the site and add more money making options.

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