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Acne Prevention (PLR / MRR)

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Acne Prevention

Product Description:

  • The most common myths and misconceptions about how to really cure acne are exposed!

  • Discover how you can eliminate painful acne using REAL proven remedies quickly!

  • What you NEED to do to ensure that you don't cause your acne to flare up again!

  • The single most important truth behind the real causes of acne and what you can do about it!

Distribution Rights:
  • You can edit the product however you wish, including adding your name as the signature author. You can customize the content, revise the material and add your website URL and brand to the products. - Yes
  • You can use the graphic source files (psd) to modify the graphics, including colors, text, layers, and gradients or create additional graphic files for the same or other packages and products. - Yes
  • You can give the report away to build your list or use as a back‐end offer, bonus product or other offers (finished version of the report only, personal rights). The ebook (main product) cannot be given away. The main product (the ebook) CAN be offered through a PAID backend system, or as a bonus to a Paid product. - Yes
  • You can include the ebooks as bonuses to paid products. (not given away freely). - Yes
  • You can include our packages (with personal use) within a paid membership site, provided your monthly subscription is priced above $27.00 - Yes
  • You can sell the products at your own price point, however we reserve the right to cancel subscriptions should we determine that anyone is intentionally devaluing the products. We recommend pricing each ebook reasonably, otherwise we may revoke your license and cancel your membership. - Yes
  • You can sell Master Resale Rights to this package. - No
  • You can sell resale rights to the packages. - No
  • You can add to free membership websites or auction sites. - No
  • You can distribute the source files for any of our website packages including the doc files or PSD files for graphics. - No
  • You can transfer your Private Label Rights to anyone else or sell private label rights to these packages. - No
  • You can include the source files (doc or PSD) from this package in any website flips, however you can include a personal copy of the ebook, report and are permitted to use any included articles on your blog, article marketing, or in your flips. - No

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