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Advantages of Membership Websites (RR)

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Advantages of Membership Websites

Product Description:


  • One of the biggest discussions among those running membership sites is how to grow your membership. These sites commonly lose members for a number of reasons including a lack of time to commit and an overall lack of interest. Let’s look at how you can motivate your members to remain members on your membership site.

Distribution Rights:

  • Can sell the eBook to your customers with personal use rights only. - Yes
  • Can be translated into other languages and sold. - Yes
  • Can include within website flips (personal rights only). - Yes
  • Can give away eBook (PDF Format). - Yes
  • Can be used as a bonus (PDF Format). - Yes
  • Can include eBook in membership site (PDF Format). - Yes
  • Cannot sell with MRR or RR. - No
  • Cannot sell with PLR. - No
  • Cannot be combined with other offers. - No

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