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Article Superhero (MRR)

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Article Superhero

Product Description: 

You just need to know and learn

  • The difference between "marketing your articles" and "marketing with articles"
  • twin purposes of article marketing that equally benefit you and your reader
  • Proven advantages that Article Marketing offers - particularly to new marketers
  • disastrous disadvantages of skipping even one Article Marketing step
  • The right way to market with Articles – and the other right way (and when to use which method)
  • The absolutely crucial free benefit that's often all too easily overlooked
  • But all these factors are actually pretty basic. You need to dig even deeper, and help yourself to master all the nuances – by simplifying the process.

Some of the factors involved:
  • vital components you have to know like the back of your hand, if you're going to market with articles
  • steps of preparation you absolutely have to take - and you have to do them right – the very first time
  • The single most dangerous thing to do, when you're trying to write a good article
  • Why mistakenly doing it will dramatically reduce the good results you want
  • "must-include" steps to writing a powerful article - and the single extra necessary step that too many marketers ignore or skimp
  • The problem of keyword saturation in the market place - and how to get around this (for free)
  • What makes a powerful Resource Box - and why you really need one
  • The single most important thing you must do, if you're planning to use an internet article for research - and the single most important thing you must never do!
  • "behind the scenes" secrets of Article Directories that will help you anticipate and avoid getting into hot water

Distribution Rights:
  • Can be packaged with other products - YES
  • Can be offered as a bonus - YES
  • Can be sold - YES
  • Can sell Resale Rights - YES
  • Can sell Master Resale Rights - YES
  • Can be edited completely and your name put on as author - NO
  • Can sell Private Label Rights - NO
  • Can be given away - NO

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