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Article Tactics (PLR)

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Article Tactics

Product Description:

PLR Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Article marketing is one of the most under-rated methods of traffic generation for webmasters. Most Internet marketers are familiar with the tactic of using articles to funnel traffic from article directories to their site. While this in itself is OK, the problem lies in the fact that most of them have no clue how to really supercharge their efforts without spending a lot of time, and money. Most marketers write a lame(ish) article, publish it on article directories such as ezinearticles.com and then hope for a flood of traffic.

PLR Ebook Table Of Contents:
  • Introduction 
  • The Fundamental Problem
  • How to Write Kick-Ass Articles
  • The Tricks of the Pros
  • Bonus Explosion Tip
  • In Closing 

Distribution Rights:

  • You CANNOT sell PLR (Private Label Rights)  - NO
  • You CANNOT Give Away the Source Files   - NO
  • Can be part of a paid Membership Site  - YES
  • Can be Packaged with other paid products  - YES
  • Can be offered as a Bonus to a paid product  - YES
  • Can be sold  - YES
  • Can edit completely and put Your Name put on them  - YES
  • Can claim yourself as Author  - YES
  • Can be used as web content  - YES
  • Can be broken down into new articles  - YES
  • Can be packaged into ebooks or new products  - YES
  • Can do Absolutely Anything You Want with Your Compiled PDFs - YES

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