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Beat Your Ticket (MRR)

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Beat Your Ticket

Product Description:

Here's What Your Will Learn With This In-Depth Guide:

  • How to use legal research to beat your ticket
  • How to understand your options
  • Rules of traffic court
  • Options available to those without finances for an attorney
  • Secrets every traffic lawyer knows
  • And a lot more!
How To Beat A Ticket!
  • You may be thinking what I used to think, that people who got a ticket deserved what they got. Do you know that it is practically impossible for you to drive anywhere without breaking a law? And the police are very subjective as to who gets the ticket and why.
  • I have a friend who has been pulled over a few times and has gotten tickets. He is an average guy and a safe driver. But he has had to go to court and traffic school. The last ticket he received was for doing 45 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone which is a common speed trap.
  • I have another friend whose father golfs with the chief of police. He seems to have carte blanc to do what he wants when it comes to driving in our town. He speed recklessly through the streets, endangering lives. He never gets pulled over and when he does, he gets away with a "warning."
  • If the laws were more consistent and didn't give all of the "haves" breaks, perhaps people would be more inclined to take their just desserts. But when you see that some people get tickets while others get warnings, it makes you feel like a fool for being the person who ends up shelling out $75 for a ticket for going 5 mph over the speed limit. 

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