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Blogging Cash Formula (MRR)

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Blogging Cash Formula

Product Description :

Blogs are an excellent way to share your knowledge, experiences and opinions with different people. It is also a good place to exchange thoughts with everyone and learn. Well, that is sure a good thing, but there is something much better that blogging offers.

Distribution Rights :

  • Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)  - YES
  •  Can be sold  - YES
  •  Can sell resell or master resell rights - YES
  •  Can be added into PAID membership sites - YES
  •  Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product - YES
  •  Can be sold with personal use only on auction sites and website marketplace - YES
  •  Can be added into free membership sites with personal use only - YES
  •  Can be sold as a WSO - NO
  •  Can offer as a bonus to a WSO, or resell on the Warrior Forum as a Classified - NO

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