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Body Fat Inferno (PLR)

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Body Fat Inferno

Product Description :

Worried you won't have a rock-hard beach body by summer?

Discover How To Drop 20 Pounds,
8% Body Fat, and FINALLY Look
"Ripped" in 10 Weeks or Less!

Don't think it's possible? Think again..

I'm going to keep this short.
Summer is around the corner and you know what that means...

People that are totally cut have a level of confidence
that attracts people to them like a magnet...
(...including all the women!)

I wanted to be like that; I wanted that sculpted physique and the confidence that came with it. Kind of like being on the "inside".

Every time summer comes around though, I get the same feeling...

The feeling that I'm not going to hit my fitness goals by beach season.
That I'm still going to be self-conscious, unable to to wear form fitting clothes.
Feeling like I have to suck in or constantly flex to appear more lean than I am.
Feeling like I'm always conscious of what I eat (and drink) so I don't make negative progress

That's when I realized something...
  • How many people struggle with weight or have never been completely confident with their physique?
  • How many people can't break through that last 15-20 pounds, have never been lean or have that "ripped" look?
  • How many people need a fast fix, something they can use to drop body fat in just a couple months?
Here I was, 10 weeks later and down 20 pounds and close to 10% body fat. My friends and family were all asking me what I was doing, so I figured,

"Why not create a course for others to follow, too?"

If it works for me, it has to work for others, right?

So that's exactly what I did!

I wrote down exactly what I was doing - exactly what my friend showed me weeks ago - and put it all into a short, highly actionable, no-BS guide anyone could follow to get REAL results FAST.

Between these two parts of the Body Fat Inferno guide, you're going to discover:
  • Exact workouts I used to drop 20 pounds and 8% body fat in 10 weeks
  • How to do it all in under 40 minutes per gym session (I didn't have time for hours of lifting and cardio every single day)
  • Variations on the exercises that anyone can "mix and match" to get the best workout... Every time!
  • How you can do this simple program in ANY gym - or even your house if you need to
  • Exact dieting strategy that allowed my body to burn more fat than ever before
  • How to get cut even if you're on a shoestring budget (I keep my groceries under $40/week!)
  • And much, much more.
  • This doesn’t even scratch the tip of the iceberg, either.

Distribution rights :
  • Can be edited (as long as the case study remains unaltered) - YES
  • You can put your name on it and sell it as your own - YES
  • Can be used for personal use - YES
  • Can be given to list subscribers - YES
  • Can be packaged with other products as long as the price is at least $17 - YES
  • Can be offered as a bonus to paid products - YES
  • Can be added to paid membership sites - YES
  • Can edit the sales letter any way you like - YES
  • Can sell Resale Rights - YES
  • Can sell Master Resale Rights - YES
  • Can sell PLR Rights - YES
  • Cannot give away PLR/MRR/RR Rights - NO
  • Cannot Be Used On Auction Sites Like Ebay - NO

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