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Body Language Secrets (PLR)

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Body Language Secrets

Product Description:

You will never be in the dark again on a person’s mood when you can read their body language!

  • You could go to your local library and check out book after book and spend days reading or you could simplify and get everything you need right here in just one e-Book. One e-Book can answer any questions you have ever had in regards to body language and set you on the path of having more control over your own body and how others perceive you. The answers you seek can be found in...
  • Inside you will find everything you need to know about how to read 15 different categories of body language. Not just 15 body language cues or gestures, 15 categories packed with every type possible body language gesture or cue possible.
  • Each category is packed with subcategories so not even the most subtle body language movement will have you questioning its meaning. Do you want to learn how to counteract power body language? This guide will help you do just that. Do you want to know just how to take a person from a closed body language stance to a more accepting open body language? This guide will answer that for you as well as many other situations from defensive counteractions as well as aggressive body language counter actions.
Here is what you will learn inside this guide....
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Aggressive Body Language
  • Chapter 3 – Attentive Body Language
  • Chapter 4 – Closed Body Language
  • Chapter 5 – Deceptive Body Language
  • Chapter 6 – Defensive Body Language
  • Chapter 7 – Dominant Body Language
  • Chapter 8 – Emotional Body Language
  • Chapter 9 – Evaluating Body Language
  • Chapter 10 – Greeting Body Language
  • Chapter 11 – Open Body Language
  • Chapter 12 – Relaxed Body Language
  • Chapter 13 – Power Body Language
  • Chapter 14 – Ready Body Language
  • Chapter 15 – Romantic Body Language
  • Chapter 16 – Submissive Body Language
  • Chapter 17 – Conclusion

Distribution Rights:
  • Includes Professional Sales Letter. - YES
  • Includes Professional ECover Graphics. - YES
  • Can be added into a paid membership sites. - YES
  • Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights. - YES
  • Can be offered through on any auction sites. - YES
  • Can Sell Private Label Rights - YES
  • Can be offered as a bonus. - YES
  • Can be given away for free (any format). - NO

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