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Building Network Marketing Relationships With Email Marketing (MRR)

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Building Network Marketing Relationships With Email Marketing

Product Description :

There is an inner circle of leaders who know all about this - as everyone is struggling to copy names from their name list or buying dead beat leads, they have been monetizing this method since the Internet came into existence!

Then after further research, I just couldn’t believe the audacity of these leaders because these techniques are so simple, yet they are keeping it to themselves!
These leaders have literally:

  • Build an entire rolodex of loyal subscribers who are willing to listen to anything they say!
  • Shifted entire downlines to a new company at the click of a button?
  • Created thousands of new leads in their mailing list? 
  • Made thousands of dollars too with a single email blast!

I guess what the gurus say are true – THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!

Distribution Rights : 

  • Yes can be sold. Suggested selling price is $27.00 - $47.00 - YES 
  • Yes can sell resale rights or master resell rights. The suggested selling price is $47.00 - $67.00 - YES . 
  • You can add the product into your product bundle or package and sell for a higher price - YES .
  • Yes can be added to a paid membership site. - YES 
  • Yes can give the product away for FREE. - YES 
  • You CANNOT offer the product as a bonus to another product you are selling. However, you can offer other bonuses to this product when selling. - NO
  • You CANNOT add to free membership site. - NO
  • You CANNOT sell the product on auction sites such as eBay.com. - NO
  • You CANNOT use nor sell this product in a dime sale event, under any circumstances at all. An event that constitutes a dime sale is one whereby the product starts selling at a very low price and increases every dime after a certain time frame or with every purchase using the dime sale script. - NO

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