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Copywriting Champion - Updated (MRR)

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Copywriting Champion - Updated

Product Description:

If you're a writer that isn't earning what you deserve, good news.

  • Let me show you how to FINALLY begin making fantastic profits by creating your own Info Products RAPIDLY, exactly as I do...
  • Chances are, if you're reading this, you're probably an above average writer. In fact, you might be damn good! But if you always thought that becoming a skilled writer would bring respect, and the ability to set your own schedule and live on your own terms, then you've been shocked by the harsh reality of online business. No matter how skilled your work is, businesses treat you like "just a writer". A cog in their overall business plan.
  • You work your fingers to the bone to get bullied by some guy with a double digit IQ, and you take it because he's got the money and you don't. And no matter how amazing your work is, it seems like you NEVER do.
  • So here's a quick question... are you sick of it? You've come to exactly the right place to make some vital changes.
  • Not next year, not a couple weeks from now - this instant.
  • (I'm not a "couple of weeks from now" sort of person.)
  • If you'll sit and read every word of this letter, I promise that you'll feel refreshed, and that you'll have a breathtaking new perspective on how to be respected as a writer and spend more time doing what you love.
  • First. Business doesn't respect your words - just your numbers. The web is flooded with cut rate guys who toss together warmed over trash with some keywords attached. Have you ever tried explaining to some offline business owner why you deserve $50 for an article when they've "got a guy" doing it for 20% of that?
  • The "garbage article" guys are bad enough - but the real problems are the "starving by choice" writers. They're perfectly talented, perfectly friendly when you talk to them... and perfectly willing to spend 18 hours a day cracking out articles for 10 dollars apiece. Maybe they're all college students. Maybe they think they need to "pay their dudes" for a few years before making any real money. But no matter what their motives are, it's impacting you.
  • If you're a starving writer online, the market isn't starving you, your clients aren't staving you, and other writers definently aren't starving you.

I want to give you the chance to use your talents in a much more effective way:

  • Spending less time researching a million unrelated topics.
  • Building better relationships with people that can help you reach your own goals
  • Writing in a less repetitive, stressful and brain killing format
  • And filling a huge demand for business materials and advertising.

Distribution Rights:

  • You can sell this product - YES
  • You can bundle this product - YES
  • You can offer this product as a bonus - YES
  • You can translate this product - YES
  • You can sell this product with resale rights - YES
  • You can sell this product with master resale rights - YES
  • You CANNOT give this product away for free - NO
  • You CANNOT sell this product with PLR - NO
  • You CANNOT sell this product as a WSO - NO
  • You CANNOT add to free membership sites - NO

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