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Creating Authority Content (PLR / MRR)

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Creating Authority Content

Creating products is one thing, but creating products with content that is authoritative is another whole story altogether. If you want to learn how to create content which has authority, then you need to learn from someone who can teach you this.

This product is a 13-part video series on creating authority content and will help you the first time in doing this correctly.

What You’ll Learn

1. Overview To Alternative Authority Content

2. Creating Expert Content

3. What You Need To Get Started With Audio

4. Creating Pre Recorded Audio Show Podcast

5. Creating A Live Audio Show

6. Creating Pre Recorded Video

7. Creating Screencast Videos

8. Creating Live Video

9. Creating Information Products As Authority Content

10. Collecdting Contact Information

11. Topic Selection And Or Show Titles

12. How To Reach Experts To Interview

13. Conclusion Creating Authority Content
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