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DigiResults Affiliate Explosion (PLR)

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DigiResults Affiliate Explosion

Product Descriptio:

Dear Product Owner,

  • Do you have a product to sell that can be delivered online?
  • Do you want to accept PayPal payments?
  • Do you want others to sell your product for you?
  • Do you want the ability for DigiResults to pay your affiliates INSTANTLY and not have to worry about when and who to pay?
  • Do you want access to a dynamic and powerful sales funnel system to setup your upsells and downsells with ease?

DigiResults is :

  • DigiResults is a payment platform that allows you, as the product creator, to take payments through PayPal, deliver intangible products instantly, and pay out affiliates and business partners.
  • You see, the problem with most affiliate payment systems is that you have to track all the payments and refunds manually.  Then you have to pay your affiliates either weekly, monthly, or whatever your schedule is.
  • Now if an affiliate promotes your product, then most likely they’re going to promote harder for you if they get the commission sooner rather than later, right?
  • And with most affiliate payment systems, this has to be done manually, or the closest thing you can do is pay the affiliate every other sale.
  • That’s why DigiResults is a great option. 

Distribution Rights:

  • Can Sell This Product - YES
  • Can Be Packaged with Paid Products. 5 PRODUCTS MAXIMUM CAN BE BUNDLED - YES
  • Can Be Offered as a bonus to Paid Product - YES
  • Can Be Added to monthly Paid MEMBERSHIP or Training SITES - YES
  • Can Put Your Name on the Sales Page - YES
  • Can Sell Resale Rights (Does not relate to PLR, meaning your Customers can resell the video as is...) - YES
  • You can stamp your name on the videos, but you cannot sell PLR. - YES
  • You CAN Give your customers the AVI files. - No
  • You CAN Offer In Firesales - No
  • You CAN Offer in Dimesales - No
  • You CAN Offer These Videos in Firesales if there are more than 5 products. - No
  • You CAN Sell Master Resale Rights to videos as is. - No
  • You CAN Sell these through Auction Sites - No
  • You CAN Give away resell rights for free - No
  • You CAN Give away videos for free - No
  • You CAN Claim Original Copyright - No

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