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Email Deliver ability - Video Series (PLR / MRR)

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Email Deliver ability - Video Series

Product Description:

Is Your E-Mail Even Making It To Your Intended Recipients Inbox Or Is It Being Zapped?

  • Now, I'm going to ask you a question that you'll not likely easily be able to answer that may open your eyes to this problem.
  • Do you know how much of your e-mail is being delivered to your recipients inbox's versus how many are being delivered to the spam folder?
  • Your answer, just as mine was, is probably "no."
  • This means that you are sending your e-mail with the hope that it will arrive in the inbox of your subscriber.
  • The keyword there is hope and unfortunately, hope is a bad thing to bank on when it comes to getting e-mail delivered, when your income relies so heavily on how many customers see your offer.
  • Unless you can be logged into the e-mail inbox of every one of your subscribers, there's no way for you to know that your e-mail is being delivered precisely.
  • One way you can tell is measured in clicks and sales.
  • If you aren't generating clicks to the links you e-mail to your subscribers, chances are you aren't reaching their inbox.
  • If you aren't generating the amount of sales you used to, you may not be making it into your intended recipients inbox.
  • Clicks and sales are two things you will feel more than anything else because they amount to cash in your pocket or cash that ISN'T in your pocket.

 Distribution Rights:
  • Can sell Personal Rights Only - YES
  • Can sell Basic Resell Rights - NO
  • Can sell Master Resell Rights - NO
  • Can sell Private Label Rights - NO
  • Can be given away for free - NO
  • Can be sold in auction sites - NO
  • Can edit the sales page and put your name on it - YES
  • Can be sold in an e-Store if sold separately - YES
  • Can completely edit all autoresponders - YES
  • Can be sold for suggested price of $27 or higher - YES
  • Can be sold for minimum of $9.99 - YES
  • Can be added to membership sites for personal video training only - YES
  • Can add up to 2 extra bonuses to the sales page as long as the product remains the main selling point - YES
  • Can claim original ownership of the site or product - NO
  • Can be sold in fire-sales or mass-bundle deals - NO
  • Can edit the original product and/or graphics - NO
  • Can sell the autoresponders separately - NO
  • Can sell the video training separately - NO

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