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Fiverr Goldrush (PLR / MRR)

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Fiverr Goldrush

Product Description :

Introducing Instant Fiverr Goldrush

  • Exactly how to get started on Fiverr.com. You'll find out how to create your profile in a simple step-by-step fashion.
  • The precise five elements you must cover for every Gig you offer on Fiverr to be successful (miss just one of these and you're kissing all those prospective buyers goodbye).
  • How to sell your Fiverr gigs with video (this powerful tactic is underutilized by most Fiverr sellers and will set you heads above them in the Fiverr marketplace).
  • 10 alternatives to Fiverr... use each and every one of these to fully maximize your sales potential.
  • The special secret strategy that lets you leverage other Fiverr sellers and make money, all without doing any work (this special tip alone is worth more than the cost of this whole guide).
  • The correct ways to drive targetted traffic to your Fiverr gigs... and all without spending a single penny on advertising.
  • Why charging just $5 is really a great way to get started marketing, and how you can use this to push up your charges without taking a single second more to deliver the same services to your customers.
  • And much more...

Distribution Rights :
  • May sell Personal Use Rights to others - YES
  • May sell Resell Rights to others - YES
  • May sell Master Resell Rights to others - YES
  • May sell at your own price - our suggested price is $9.97 - YES
  • Can put your name on the sales page - YES
  • Can be in PAID firesales ONLY UP TO 5 PRODUCTS - YES
  • May be added to PAID membership sites or training sites - YES
  • May be converted into multi-media products and sold - YES
  • May be offered as with personal use rights as a bonus or packaged with other PAID products – 5 PRODUCTS MAXIMUM CAN BE BUNDLED - YES
  • May be given away for FREE - NO
  • May be added to FREE membership sites - NO
  • May be sold on auction sites - NO
  • May not claim original copyright - NO
  • May not sell Private Label Rights - NO

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