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Flipping Amazing (PLR)

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Flipping Amazing

Product Description:

Imagine if you could create a website in a few hours and then sell it for a few hundred dollars, and then imagine if you could repeat that process again and again. That would make for a pretty nice part-time or even full time job, wouldn‟t it? Well, that‟s exactly what you‟re going to be able to do by the time you‟re done reading this.

Flipping websites is akin to flipping houses, with one huge difference. When people set out to flip houses, or real estate in general, they typically have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. People who flip houses will find houses that are undervalued, put money into them in order to fix them up and then they‟ll sell those houses for a profit.

The same can be done with websites. You can buy a website for a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, fix it up and then sell it for even more money than you bought it for.

 Distribution Rights:

  • You CANNOT sell PLR (Private Label Rights) - NO

  • You CANNOT Give Away the Source Files - NO

  • Can be part of a paid Membership Site - YES

  • Can be Packaged with other paid products - YES

  • Can be offered as a Bonus to a paid product - YES

  • Can be sold - YES

  • Can edit completely and put Your Name put on them - YES

  • Can claim yourself as Author - YES

  • Can be used as web content - YES

  • Can be broken down into new articles - YES

  • Can be packaged into ebooks or new products - YES

  • Can do Absolutely Anything You Want with Your Compiled PDFs - YES

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