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From Mindset To Action (MRR)

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From Mindset To Action

Description :

There's a “silent killer” that’s been sabotaging EVERY ASPECT of your success in internet marketing.

Though there are a select few people who have NO problem getting an online business off the ground and make the time to tasks that should take days seem to stretch into WEEKS of work…

The reality is VASTLY different for most people who are running a business on their own.

Do you have entire days that skate by because you’re too exhausted or depressed to act?  Are you losing valuable time because you’re not sure WHAT to do each day, or you jump from task to task aimlessly and without consistency?

If so, then we need to have a talk. The amount of things that you’re asked to do to get ANY online business model off the ground can be staggering.

No matter what your business model is, whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a blogger, a product creator, or a CPA whiz…

If you’re in internet marketing, multitasking is impossible to avoid.

But if you can’t track the many aspects that actually determine how effecive your business is - then multitasking makes it impossible to SUCCEED.  And whether you want to admit it or not -

Making It Online Demands Some Of The Most Tedious Work On The Planet!

If you owned a restaurant, would you spend your time taking orders, cooking, setting tables, washing the dishes, and making late-night delivery drives? Probably not.

But too many marketers are trapped in their business… writing, making graphics, wearing their eyes out at the computer screen and feeling like they traded “the job” for a stint in prison!

If you’re one of them - spending WEEKS on every aspect of your business and getting PENNIES in return for your efforts - and you don’t have a bunch of money to spend on VA’s, you know that you need to BREAK OUT of the online grind and SUPERCHARGE your online efforts.

A Few Months Ago, I Would Have Been Too Beaten Down To Write This Letter…

I was totally dried up and sick of the half dozen uncompleted projects on my desktop. I was missing deadlines and taking WAY too long to meet my commitments to customers, clients and friends. And worst of all, I was depressed about the TIME it took for me to get even basic tasks out of the way.

I felt like I was moving in molasses while other marketers were effortlessly pumping out one project after the other. I wasn’t productive, I wasn’t profitable, and I wanted to vomit every time I looked at my inbox and saw a piling pile of STUFF to do – none of which was making me any money.

Things were terrible.

But because of my earlier successes, I had a unique advantage that most people don’t – the ability to stop. 

So I pulled the plug. 

I took about a month and DEVOURED every book and video I could on the subject of time management and productivity. I thought that if I threw myself into learning EVERYTHING there was to know and buying every efficiency do-hickey on the market, I’d bring a little peace to myself and my business.

But that’s not exactly how it happened. In fact, things got more frantic than ever. I had to juggle to-do lists, spreadsheets, systems, punching in, punching out. I felt a little more efficient, but I still felt sluggish and unmotivated – and I wasn’t sure there was a “system” that could fix that.

I Spotted The Big Problem With Most “Online Productivity” Courses…

They’re not AT ALL holistic. Sure, it’s EASY to tell someone they should strap a stopwatch to themselves and push themselves like a hamster on a wheel until they’re an online speed demon. But there’s a dirty little fact that most books on productivity are afraid to touch…

Productivity isn’t just about “having the right system”. There’s a MANDATORY mental and physical aspect. And if you don’t have these elements Dead To Rights, you’re absolutely going to flounder. You won’t really “feel like” implementing them, and you’ll have the same hurdles you have implementing any other course.

That’s why I want “back to basics” and added an extra layer to my journey. I started watching what I ate, how I moved, and how I felt and approached my business and my life.

It's SImpler Than You Think.

I didn’t just need to know what to add, I needed to know what to THROW OUT and how to manage areas of my life that kept me from building my income as quickly as I wanted to. And once I got that together, a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of preparation gave me serious and LASTING rewards.

See, your mind is FUELED by your body. And your mindset requires the EXECUTION to enact your knowledge.

I don’t care how good your surgeon is at posiive thinking… if they don’t have the medical and procedural knowledge to give you a transplant, chances are you won’t trust them.

That’s why if you’ve ever wanted to accomplish anything and didn’t have the juice to get started…

Or if you’re always setting goals, taking action… and getting disappointing results…

Then it’s time to deliver that breakthrough.

Introducing “From Mindset To Action”!

It’s the system that makes all those “other systems” work. This is an inspirational, fun (and practical) guide that'll show you how to get off the blocks when you're feeling your weakest, your slowest, your worst and get things done faster, stronger, and better once you're at full speed.

I stay away from fluff, steer clear of cliches, and give you a guide that you can dig into and work on starting today.

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