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Generating Online Visitors (PLR / MRR)

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Generating Online Visitors

Cashing In Selling Downloadable Digital Products On Your Website!

Chapter 1 - Radio Shows

What Free Talk Show Services Are Available

I am only aware of 2 FREE Talk Radio Services currently available:

1. TalkShoe
2. Blog Talk Radio

Here is a basics comparison chart for your convenience:

Feature TalkShoe Blog Talk Radio
Free Service Yes Yes
Host Control Panel Yes Yes
Maximum Callers 300 Unknown
Host Video Tutorials Yes Yes
Timely Support Replies Yes Yes
FAQ’s Yes Yes
Special Equipment
None* None*
Instant Episode Yes No
Remote Broadcast Yes No
Widget Players Yes Yes
Upload Intro Music
No** Yes**
Show Auto Recorded Yes Yes
PodCast Friendly Yes Yes
Recordings Archived Yes Yes
RSS Feeds Yes Yes
Play On I-Tunes Yes Yes
Software Required No*** No***
* Some additional equipment can be helpful and will be listed later.
** For TalkShoe there’s a work around for intro music – listed later.
** Additional audio editing software can be helpful – listed later.
Before The Pros and Cons Of Each

Please understand these systems are free. This is the Internet we are talking about and the Internet is far from perfect as you well know. Both TalkShoe and Blog Talk Radio (BTR) will occasionally have technical issues that can be troublesome. However, when hosting on these systems, understanding your shows are not costing your $100.00 to $1,000.00 each to produce. They are free.

You can take a look at each system’s Forums and see that indeed there are issues with each. However you will find far less complaints regarding technical issues on TalkShoe’s Forum than you will for Blog Talk Radio’s Forum over the last 30 day period. This may change, but as of this writing, that’s the way it stands.

Distribution Rights:

Master Resale Rights License Terms:

[YES] Can sell and keep 100% of the sales.
[YES] Can edit the squeeze page.
[YES] Can be bundled into another paid package and sell at a higher price.
[YES] Can be used as a bonus to another product you are selling.
[YES] Can be sold in a Dime sale event.
[YES] Can be added into a paid membership site.
[YES] Can pass on the Master Resell Rights privilege to your customers.
[YES] Can be given away for free AGAINST an email address (lead generation)

[NO] Contents of the product can be edited, modified or altered

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