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How To Build Products That Run Businesses (PLR / MRR)

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How To Build Products That Run Businesses

Product Description: 

A Lack Of Inner Peace Is Like Trying To Skateboard On An Ice Pond!

  • Success requires ways to prevent outside influences from affecting moods, feelings and attitude..
  • Success requires the improvement of concentration and ways to get a strong, focused mind...
  • Inner peace has a direct affect on on the body, mind and sleep, which in turn affects success
  • Success requires a way to teach and help others to get on the path of personal development!
  • Many more horrors
In this guide you'll discover...
  • Chapter 1: The Five Factors for Building Successful Products
  • Chapter 2: The Five Things You Mustn’t Do
  • Chapter 3: In-Demand Products
  • Chapter 4: Out-of-Demand Products – Is There a Market for Them?
  • Chapter 5: Three Methods to Reduce Your Costs in Building Products
  • Chapter 6: Buying Resell Products Online
  • Chapter 7: What’s More Important than Building the Product?
  • Chapter 8: Selling a Refrigerator to an Eskimo
  • Chapter 9: Keep Your Ears Open
  • Chapter 10: Products Build Businesses

Distribution Rights:
  • You can sell personal rights - YES
  • You can sell re-sell rights - YES
  • You can sell master resell rights - YES
  • You can sell private label rights - NO
  • Can sell branding rights - NO
  • Can give away the eBook - PDF only - YES
  • Can give away eBook minisite - NO
  • Can add the eBook and mini-site to paid memberships - YES
  • Can bundle up to 20 products together - YES
  • Can add bonuses to the eBook offer - YES
  • Can sell in dime sale events - NO
  • Can sell in auction sites - NO
  • Can claim authorship - NO
  • Can claim copyrights - NO

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