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How To Create An Audio eBook (PLR)

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How To Create An Audio eBook

Product Description:

Audio books gained popularity with the increase in the pace of technological advancements. The changing trend has enabled listeners to think beyond the stereos in their cars and homes to access and use audio books. Today, it is possible to download audio books onto iPods, MP3 Players, cell phones,tablets, iPhones and other PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices.

Audio books provide a convenient way for enthusiastic readers to carry on with their daily chores and multitask, such as exercising while listening to educational or recreational books. 

Traditionally, audio books were designed for visually impaired individuals. However, today they are more of a learning tool and means of entertainment for children, teens and adults. There is something for everybody. The most popular categories include arts and entertainment, memoirs and bios, classics, business, thrillers and mysteries, comedy, fiction, drama, poetry, kids, health and fitness, etc. 

The growing market of audio books has encouraged many authors to create audio versions of their text or eBooks. While it needs both time and effort to produce an audio book, the experience of transforming your book into another medium is extremely fun and entertaining.

You can tap into a great resource for authors wanting to have their books recorded by professional voice artists, by using a company that will charge you no fees to record your book for you up front, then split the profits of the sales 50/50. Alternatively you can pay upfront and keep all the profits yourself.

Distribution Rights:

  • It can be sold as is or after you have made changes - Yes
  • you can alter the contents - Yes
  • you can claim authorship - Yes
  • you can re-sell the material - Yes
  • you can give it away within a paid forum or membership - Yes
  • you cannot resell the PLR rights - No
  • you may not sell any of the product on Warrior Forum - No
  • you may not submit any of these books or articles to any article directory - No

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