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7 IM Habits - Video Series (MRR)

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7 IM Habits - Video Series
Part Number: 7IMHABITS

Product Description:

The 8 MindMap Video Series
Introduction To The 7 Habits (4mins 35secs)

  • Habit One
  • The Cornerstone to Successful Online Business (13mins 35secs)
  • Habit Two
  • The One That Guarantees Success in Anything (12mins 11secs)
  • Habit Three
  • The Lifeblood of Online Business (15mins 57secs)
  • Habit Four
  • The Reason The Masters Succeed Online (13mins 59secs)
  • Habit Five
  • How To Achieve That Effortless Income (13mins 7secs)
  • Habit Six
  • The Key To Becoming An Expert and Master of Your Market (14mins 11secs)
  • Habit Seven
  • The One That Separates The Great From The Good (12mins 43secs)

Inside this series, you'll discover:

  • The Evergreen Niches and how the masters exploit them.
  • How To Find Hot Micro-Niches! HOT!
  • The Systems That Will Make (or Break) Your Business
  • How To Master Traffic Control for Cash On Demand!
  • The Mindset Shift You Need To Make To Succeed! HOT!
  • The Simple Touch That Will See You Succeed every single time!
  • Ways To Target And Attract Buyers by the hoards!
  • Learn From The Masters and save loads of time & money!
  • The Place To Find Awesome Joint Ventures... and much more!

Distribution Rights:

  • For personal use - YES
  • Can edit, extract, change the content - NO
  • Put your name as the author - NO
  • Sell for 100% profits - YES
  • Can edit the graphics and sales letter - YES
  • Can be packaged or added as a bonus to a paid - YES
  • Add to paid membership sites - YES
  • Sell resale rights - YES
  • Sell master resale rights - YES
  • Give away for free (in any format) - NO
  • Add to free membership site - NO
  • Pass on Private Label Rights - NO

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