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Instant FB Template (PLR)

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Instant FB Template

Product Description

Instant Facebook Iframe Templates and Training

Time To Pimp Out Your facebook Page!

Use Our Instant iFrame FB Page Templates To Pimp Out Your Own Facebook Page, Or Hire Out Your Services To Others For Big Bucks!

You Need To Stand Out On facebook, Here’s How!
ebook cover
Having A Facebook Page Is A Must, now you can make your page stand out Like A PRO!

Are you using Facebook to generate traffic and followers to your brand?

If you are, you absolutly must make your FB page look professional.

The standard basic Facebook page will no longer do, if you want to give off a professional vibe.

Use our temaplates and training to learn how to make your FB page stand out in the crowd.

Does Facebook Marketing Really Work?

It Does IF you know how to utilize Facebook properly!


Dear Friend,

Are you getting as much traffic as you need to keep your business not only afloat, but also growing and increasing in profit?

If not, you’re not alone. There are literally millions of businesses out there struggling to get traffic to their site to keep sales up.

Sadly, most people don’t know where to look for traffic generation strategies that work so they’re running out of options.

This means traffic & sales are down.

With the constantly increasing levels of competition, it’s also harder to get exposure using the more standard methods.

However, there’s good news today…

You Can make facebook pay when it comes to promoting your web business With the new instant FB iFrame templates Package!

Instant FB iFrames is a new product we created that will give you everything you need to create eye catching FB business pages that get results!

Looking to use Facebook to promote your business?

This is exactly what you need to get setup quickly and effectively as possible.

Just grab a template, edit it to suit your needs and plug it in for use in your business and you’re on your way to big time Facebook traffic!

You’ll even get full training on how to use everything so you aren’t left in the dark or wondering what to do next!

Facebook is quickly becoming the Mecca for businesses looking to increase traffic and get in on cutting edge promotional methods!

As the Internet becomes more fierce when it comes to getting traffic, Facebook is quickly becoming a viable option for increased business exposure.

Businesses are scrambling to get on Facebook and utilize this high trafficked web property to get their business and products in front of tons more people.

Facebook’s social nature really makes getting your business on Facebook important as potential customers are on the site, live 24 hours a day.

Having your business in front of these provenly active people is the best way to get access to ready to buy customers.

Have you seen big companies advertising their Facebook or Twitter presence on their websites, in their television commercials, and in their print ads?

There’s a big reason for that!

Facebook is a highly social place and businesses know this. Facebook is where your customers are so you need to be there too!

Unfortunately, Facebook Is

Loaded With Spammers!

Abuse of facebook is a common occurrence that only gets businesses in big trouble!

How many times have you seen spam on Facebook?

You can probably recall hundreds, if not thousands of instances where you’ve been spammed or seen spam on Facebook.

I’m talking about people or businesses who post blatant ads on your Facebook wall with no shame and no regard for your personal space.

You’ve also probably received messages from people spamming you about their new product or website. “Gee, thanks buddy!”

On top of that, there are other forms of spam such as chat spam, auto-group add spam, and tons of other Facebook spam.

Not only does this irritate you (and me), it doesn’t get results for the business – it only creates enemies and tension with people who COULD have been your customers!

So how do you promote on Facebook?

The new facebook iFrame is now available to the General public! This means better promotion, more traffic & Higher conversions!

There has always been the standard Facebook Fan/Business page which allows you to create a page for your business.

Unfortunately, these pages really haven’t looked all that great and don’t offer you much flexibility when it comes to customization.

The good news is that Facebook has now launched the Facebook Page iFrame for maximum Facebook Page customization!

You might be wondering what a Facebook Page iFrame is (I did at one point), so allow me to explain what it is exactly…

The iFrame functionality actually allows you to embed a website and custom HTML code into your Facebook page!

That means that instead of just some basic text and image additions, you can now actually do all kinds custom work on your Facebook Page such as opt-in boxes, video, flash, cool page functions, etc.

Of course you’re probably thinking “That sounds confusing and like a lot of work!” which would be accurate.

However, you can create high converting, eye catching, customer pulling Facebook Pages using the new iFrame functionality WITHOUT any technical knowledge at all with this…

Introducing The Instant FB iFrame
Templates Package WITH Training!

As we discussed previously, the new Facebook Page iFrame allows you to do all kinds of cool stuff and customizations to get more business. flat

The Instant FB iFrame templates package gives you a TON of cool pages you can just drop into your Facebook Page.

If you can copy and paste as well as edit some basic text, you have all the skills necessary to use these templates.

Best of all, the package comes complete with training to show you how to use and customize these templates as quickly as possible without being a computer geek!

The Instant FB iFrame Templates package gives you the ability to have that flashy, shinny, and high converting Facebook page that gets results, just like the big guys!

The Instant FB iFrame templates & Training Package comes complete with everything you need to get setup with a high grade facebook page:

* 14 high quality Facebook Page iFrame templates, Ready To use.

* a full training report that shows you how to use everything quickly.

* flashy, high converting facebook pages that get excellent results.

* fully facebook compliant and coded with secure, high quality code!

* Fast implementation so your page can be up and live tonight!

As you can see, the instant fB iFrame package comes with everything you need to not only get setup with a facebook page quickly, but also get setup easily and effectively with a page that gets results.

this is how you Capitalize on facebook and get traffic!

Could your business use more traffic, more leads,
and more sales?

With Instant fB Templates You can have all that!

There’s no doubting that the Instant FB Template package is loaded with a ton of high quality templates. You get 14 templates so that you can test, change, and customize the look to exactly what’s right for you and your business.

Not to mention the fact that you also get all the training to ensure you can use everything.

Most importantly, the Instant FB iFrame package is so affordable that you may feel like you’re taking advantage of me.

Reseller Tools

  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Includes Autoresponder series, 5 Day course, BannerAds and Graphics - Yes

Distribution Rights

  • Resale Rights - Yes
  • Master Resale Rights - Yes
  • Private Label Rights - Yes
  • Giveaway Rights - Yes
  • Offered as a Bonus - Yes
  • May Modify Product - Yes
  • Packaged with Other Products - Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites - Yes
  • May Publish Offline - Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes

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