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IntelligenceIntensity Giveaway (MRR)

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IntelligenceIntensity Giveaway

Product Description:

You Can Have Better Success In Business And Life If You Discover Intelligence Intensity!
People who struggle in business and life will find these things in common:

  • They don't know they need a fit diet.
  • They have no idea they need to have great rest.
  • They are struggling with focus.
  • They also don't understand they have to exercise their brain!
  • Many more problems untold…

Introducing 'Intelligence Intensity'
In this book, you will learn all about:

  • A Fit Diet and Brain Nutrition
  • Being Absolved From Chronic Stress: Meditating
  • Self-Assurance In Your Own Intelligence
  • Having Great Rest Focus
  • Working Memory Brain Schooling
  • Much MORE!

Distribution Rights:

  • You can sell personal rights -  YES
  • You can sell re-sell rights -  YES
  • You can sell master resell rights -  YES
  • You can sell private label rights -  NO
  • Can sell branding rights -  NO
  • Can give away the eBook - PDF only -  YES
  • Can give away eBook minisite -  NO
  • Can add the eBook and mini-site to paid memberships -  YES
  • Can bundle up to 20 products together -  YES
  • Can add bonuses to the eBook offer -  YES
  • Can sell in dime sale events -  NO
  • Can sell in auction sites -  NO
  • Can claim authorship -  NO
  • Can claim copyrights -  NO 

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