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Internet Marketing Contact Manager (PLR)

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Internet Marketing Contact Manager

Product Description :

IMC Manager for short...

This is the first software of its kind, specially designed for internet marketers and small business owners like yourself to provide comprehensive tools and unparalleled capabilities in a format that's incredibly easy to set up, use, and make a central part of your ongoing business success.

 Whether you are brand new to using contact management software or have been trying to cobble something together for a long time, there's finally a complete software package available to help you transform your business and make it the resounding success you've always dreamed about!

 Now, when I first thought about building IMC Manager I thought it was something I'd never be able to afford to actually make work to help grow my business.  Every other software like it was too fancy, too complicated, too expensive, and just not right for a small business like mine. 

 I figured that kind of advanced contact management was something only the really big companies could do successfully.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

The truth is anyone can use Internet Marketing Contact Manager to keep track of important customer details and then use those details to keep your customers happy, satisfied, and incredibly loyal.

 The possibilities are practically endless, all you have to do is be creative and capture all the little details you think might be helpful each time you are in contact with any of your customers or affiliates, because chances are someday you will find a good use for that information.

 Capturing useful details and information is incredibly easy.  Ask lots of questions, take note of interesting tidbits on their Facebook page or Twitter page, and jot down anything unique they mention about themselves when you're just talking and interacting.

 If your customer, mentions little Johnny is staring in his school play new seek, write it down!  Then the next time you talk or interact via your support desk or email 3 months later, ask.. "Hey how was Johnny's play" Thing that will impress your customer and show them that you actually care about them? 

 What about birthdays, how impressed would your customers be if you remembered to email them a note or send a small gift on their birthday or anniversary?

 What if you knew right of the top of your head every single product that they had ever purchased from you when they need support, or if you knew the name of their favorite dog?

 Do You Think That Kind of Personal Attention Will Keep That Customer Coming Back For More For Years To Come?

 You Bet It Will!

And the best part is that IMC Manager will keep track of all these kinds of things and much, much more.  Before you know it you'll be an expert on every one of your customers, impressing them as well as any other people you encounter along the way.

 This is a great way to show your customers you really care about them as individuals, and not just about the financial benefits you get when they buy something from you!

 Look, we both know your business will only grow stronger as you get to know more and more people.  So why not make it easy on yourself and keep track of all of those people quickly and easily?

 Internet Marketing Contact Manager  

Is The Perfect Solution For Making Your Business Incredibly Successful And Profitable!

How many times have you connected with someone on the internet, met someone at a networking event, talked with someone on the phone, and then lost contact with them over the next several weeks, months, or even years?

 The next thing you know, that person is on the phone, at an event, or online again and you can barely remember their name, let alone anything personal or interesting about them.


 If you with IMC Manager, this kind of embarrassing situation will be a thing of the past, this kind of 'forgetting who your customers are' will never happen ever again!!

 With this powerful yet easy to use software at your fingertips, it's incredibly easy to jot down lots of information about each person you meet and then access it quickly and easily months down the road when it can make a HUGE difference in the outcome of your conversation!

Think about it for a moment.

How impressed do you think that potential customer will be if, after many months or even years, you are able to casually ask "Hey, how is little Suzy doing, is she still playing basketball?"


Even more importantly, how likely do you think it is that this potential customer will become an actual customer thanks to your ability to connect with them in a personal and memorable way?

 The answer is obvious, of course, and you certainly don't need me to spell it out for you here.

Once you put IMC Manager to work for you this kind of outcome will happen over and over and over again!

 What if I told you this amazing and powerful software package can pay for itself in just a very short amount of time?

 Would you be interested in getting your hands on it right away?

Of course you would, so why wait even a single moment longer, read on and then order below?

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