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Investment Money (PLR / MRR)

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Investment Money

Product Description:

It's true that some people start up a business on the Internet with very little money but this leaves them with some huge disadvantages:

  • Less professional customer experience. - This is shown in the look of the website, the communication with the product creator and the product itself. With proper funding you can give your business that added boost that gives you the professional image you need to succeed online.
  • Much higher failure rate. - People who start their business on a shoestring cannot sustain any kind of down month in their business because of lack of funds. If an unexpected cost arises, the business is out of business because of this one little expense.
  • Much longer time frame for profit. - With no funding a business cannot take advantage of paid advertising which will catapult a business to profit in just a months time. With no funding a business is forced to use free advertising methods which can take years to become effective.
What Secrets Are In How To Successfully Get Investment Money For Your Internet Business?

  • Where To Find Big Time Investors Hungry For Your Business Ideas!
  • Why You Need Funding & How To Maximize It's Effect On Your Business!
  • The biggest Internet marketing resources you can tap into for quick success.
  • How To Get Much More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible Without The Stress!
  • Easy Business Plan Ideas That Virtually Guarantee Your Success In Getting Funding!
  • How To Find Money Fast And Get Your Business Running Quickly!
  • Secret Tricks To Grab Funding In The Information Age! 

Reseller Tools
  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Includes Audios, Autoresponder series, 5 Day course, BannerAds and Graphics - Yes
Distribution Rights
  • Resale Rights - Yes
  • Master Resale Rights - Yes
  • Private Label Rights - Yes
  • Giveaway Rights - Yes
  • Offered as a Bonus - Yes
  • May Modify Product - Yes
  • Packaged with Other Products - Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites - Yes
  • May Publish Offline - Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes

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