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Jazzy Opt-Ins Wordpress Plugin - Softare PLR (MRR)

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Jazzy Opt-Ins Wordpress Plugin - Softare

Product Description:

ou actually have a lot of choices to improve the look and feel of your form. The trouble is, they all have a major flaw (or two):

  • AWeber, Constant Contact, and others offer premade forms, but they're rather...ugly.
  • Call to action buttons often can't be edited. Does anyone really want to "Subscribe!" any more?
  • Costly plugins offer lots of options, but they're needlessly complicated to use, and frankly, who needs all those bells and whistles?
  • Web designers will happily build you a form - for a hefty price. And who is going to edit it when you want to test a headline change?
Perhaps the best thing about this plugin is that no two opt-in forms are alike. You can customize your form with the look and feel YOU want, including...

  • Your choice of form styles - and all are modern and sophisticated, never dated and simplistic.
  • The ability to upload a product cover - and place in exactly where you want it on the form.
  • Unlimited colors for your form background.
  • Unlimited colors for your headline and opt-in text.
  • 5 color choices for your submit button.
  • The option to change the call to action for better opt-in rates.
  • 4 additional box styles to give added dimension to your form.
  • The option to add custom CSS for fine-tuning your form.

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