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Kicking Off The Cigarette Butt (MRR)

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Kicking Off The Cigarette Butt

Product Description :

If you've tried the gum, the electric cigarette, hypnosis or any combination and found it didn't work then you may like to look into other options. Did it seems like you just couldn't say 'no' to a quick smoke? It could be safe to say you are like 90 % of the population. Are you ready to step away from the crowd and live a life smoke free?

Distribution Rights :

  • Can be sold - Yes
  • Can sell with Resell Rights - Yes
  • Can sell with Master Resell Rights - Yes
  • Can be part of a paid Membership Site - Yes
  • Can be packaged with other paid products - Yes
  • Can Be Translated Into Another Language - Yes
  • Can be offered as a Bonus to a paid product - Yes
  • Can Be Published Offline - Yes
  • Can sell with Private Label Rights - NO
  • Can Give Away for Free - NO
  • Can be part of a free Membership Site - NO

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