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Killer Articles (MRR)

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Killer Articles

Product Description:

Anybody Can Learn to Write a Great Article . . .


  • How to create attention-grabbing headlines that will make readers feel like they HAVE TO read your article before they move on to anything else!
  • How to write articles that will appeal to your best prospects and will send them flooding to your website in no time!
  • How to create an article just like a professional – even if you’ve never written an article before!
  • How to format articles so they are easy-to-read and flow well on the page!
  • How to create different types of articles including review articles, list articles and many more!
  • How to create SEO articles and where to place keywords in your articles to ensure you get the most “bang”!
  • How to write in a conversational style so you keep your visitors interested in what you have to say!
  • And much, much more!
Here is more of what you will learn by reading this guide:
  • 5 tips for writing great article headlines that will attract readers like a 10-ton magnet attracts paperclips!
  • Headline examples – just modify one of these to ensure your first article headline is a good one!
  • Why an article foundation is similar to the foundation of a home and how to use this analogy to ensure you create a great article each time you sit down to write!
  • How to make article writing fun … even if you currently think you hate writing!
  • How long to make your articles … and your headlines – follow these tips to ensure you never leave you readers wanting more or waste your time writing more than you need to!
  • Three things all articles must have – leave any of these three out and your article is doomed to not produce the traffic you want!
  • 5 keys for grabbing readers’ attention at the beginning of your article and keeping it all the way to the final word you’ve written!
  • How to create a Resource Box that will have prospects clicking through to your website like a picnic attracts ants!
  • How to edit your article – follow these tips and readers won’t be able to tell the difference between your article and one that was written by one of those expensive freelance writers!
  • How to write SEO articles – follow these tips and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do!
  • And much, much more!

Distribution Rights:
  • Nothing can be given away for free. You may not give the product away for free, or resell/master resell rights away for free. It MUST be sold. - Yes
  • You MAY bundle this product with other products. - Yes
  • You MAY include this product as a bonus to a PAID product only. - Yes
  • You MAY include this product in a PAID membership. - Yes
  • You must pass this License on to all who purchase resell rights from you – no exceptions here. This License MUST be included. - Yes
  • You may not use any form of unethical marketing, including (but not limited to) spamming. - No
  • You may not edit any of the material in the book in any way. You may edit the sales letter if you wish, but do not do so in a way that misrepresents the product in any way. You are responsible for any claims made on the sales letter. - No
  • You are responsible for delivering the product to your customers – you may not link to any pages - Yes

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