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Martial Arts (PLR / MRR)

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Martial Arts

Product Description:

In this report, you will also discover the following:

  • Four techniques used in jujitsu
  • Why strangulation is used in jujitsu
  • What are sweeps and escapes
  • Twelve principles of striking and what they stand for
  • The meaning of a throw
  • Five types of throws
  • How the biting, gouging, poking and grasping techniques are used in jujitsu
  • The meaning of atemi
  • What a takedown is
  • What the rolling technique is
  • What the arm bar technique is
  • What the wrist lock technique is
  • Difference of grappling styles
There is so much to learn about jujitsu and mixed martial arts that the best time to start is right now!

Don’t give this another thought.  Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves.  There will be times when your opponent will use illegal moves to gain power over you.  Your opponents are in it for the same reason you are—to win. 

However, getting this guide can provide you with an advantage that you never thought about.  You can blow away your opponent and others once you get this guide and apply the techniques and methods herein.

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