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Mini Give away Magic - Video Series (PLR)

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Mini Give away Magic - Video Series

Product Description:

Here's a list of this 7 part video series in more detail:

  • Video #1 :: Introduction ::
  • Video #2 :: Giveaway Type :: Freebie
  • Video #3 :: Giveaway Type :: Buyers
  • Video #4 :: Giveaway Type :: Buyer Integration
  • Video #5 :: Stuck? Don't have a list?
  • Video #6 :: Finding list owners to participate
  • Video #7 :: Getting list owners to jump on board
Freebie Lists vs. Buyer Lists

  • Let’s take a look at these two types of lists.
  • Would you rather have a list of 1,000 buyers or one of 10,000 freebie seekers?
  • Think about it.  Buyers have invested money in your product.  They know you, they want your product, and they want your future products if they are great.
  • But on the opposite end… the majority of freebie seekers don't know you as well - UNLESS they are recommended to you by another person - but still have not really taken the step to invest and are on the fence.
  • While it’s getting harder and harder to sell to freebie lists than it used to be just years ago, you can still utilize them if done correctly.
  • So how do you know that the valuable time that you are investing into the giveaway event is actually producing a high converting list, or worse, a low converting list?

Distribution Rights:
  • Can Sell This Product - YES
  • Can Be Packaged with Paid Products. 5 PRODUCTS MAXIMUM CAN BE BUNDLED - YES
  • Can Be Offered as a bonus to Paid Product - YES
  • Can Be Added to monthly Paid MEMBERSHIP or Training SITES - YES
  • Can Put Your Name on the Sales Page - YES
  • Can Sell Resale Rights (Does not relate to PLR, meaning your Customers can resell the video as is...) - YES
  • You can stamp your name on the videos, but you cannot sell PLR. - YES
  • You CAN Give your customers the AVI files. - No
  • You CAN Offer In Firesales - No
  • You CAN Offer in Dimesales - No
  • You CAN Offer These Videos in Firesales if there are more than 5 products. - No
  • You CAN Sell Master Resale Rights to videos as is. - No
  • You CAN Sell these through Auction Sites - No
  • You CAN Give away resell rights for free - No
  • You CAN Give away videos for free - No
  • You CAN Claim Original Copyright - No

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