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Motivational Mixtape 3 (MRR)

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Motivational Mixtape 3

Product Description :

Immersing yourself in motivation is the key to getting through the tough times. There is nothing wrong with a little outside help, and that is what the Motivational Mixtape #3 will provide.

Presenting Help:

Motivational Mixtape

The Motivational Mixtape #3 was created to help immerse you in maximum motivation!

This mixtape is composed of ten MP3's that have been developed to help personal development. The tracks have been written to calm and address your fears, while fostering a sense of motivation that will make you want to seize the day!

Topics include:

* 4 Ways to Chill Out
* Can You Believe It?
* Claim Your Self Confidence
* Don't Wait for Permission
* Improve Your Life Experience
* Living By Design
* Measure Your Way to Success
* Share Your Goals
* The Goal Striving Paradox
* Willpower

All topics are covered in detail and presented in perfect crisp audio that alternatively soothes and energizes when each is needed. Included with the audio is an eBook that you can read during quiet times, or read along with the MP3s for maximum effect.

If you are ready to attain your goals but just need a little boost in the right direction, then choose Motivational Mixtape #3 to start down your path to success.

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