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Notice Box Ads Plugin (PUO)

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Notice Box Ads Plugin

Product Description:

Not Just Another Ad Placement

  • If that's all this was, I wouldn't even be bothering you today. There are plenty of clever ad placements you can use.
  • This plugin is more than that, though. It's designed to boost your click-through rate for absolutely anything. In fact, you can put anything at all in the notice box, including images, styled text, and links.
  • That means that Notice Box Ads is great for letting your visitors know about:
  • Your Upcoming Sale - "Click here to see what's on clearance!"
  • Your Latest Podcast - "Subscribe via iTunes!"
  • Where You'll be Speaking - "Join me live in Las Vegas!"
  • Your New Kindle Book - "Click Here to Download Today!"
  • A Survey You'd Like Visitors to see - "Answer a few questions for a chance to win an Amazon gift card"
  • Your Squeeze Page - "Sign up now and get a free gift!"
  • An Affiliate or JV Offer - "Grab it now before the price goes up!"
  • ...or any other important page or post - whether on your site or someone else's!
  • In fact - here's a huge benefit you may not have even considered: Getting visitors to click on a link to another page in your site will result in a dramatic reduction in your bounce rate. And that's something Google considers when evaluating sites for search placement!

Right out of the box, you get:
  • HTML or plain-text-ready so you can use as little or as much style as you need.
  • Ability to insert images such as photos or icons for added attraction.
  • One-click installation process means you'll be running new ads in just minutes.
  • Five built-in templates ensure a look and feel that matches your site.
  • Easy ad placement for total control over where ads are seen.
  • Your choice of appearance methods means visitors won't be bombarded right away - unless you want them to be!
  • Separate ad and link fields makes it easy to direct visitors to any page on the Internet.
  • Post and page level control ensures you show only the most relevant ads to your site's visitors.
  • The ability to change the look of your ad in seconds - so your visitors will be less likely to simply "tune them out."
  • Ad-level control over design and placement - customize each and every ad on your site.
  • Unlimited ads so you can change them out quickly save for an upcoming event.
  • And when I say it's easy to use, I mean it. You can have new ads up and running on your site in just minutes using the intuitive user interface. There's no complicated setup and no learning curve. Just install and go!

Distribution Rights:

For Personal Use Only.

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