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Online Dating Extended (PLR)

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Online Dating Extended

Product Description:

Here is just a bit of what you'll discover within the "Dating Insider" guide...

  • Discover how to create a shocking profile that will drive in traffic and leave women literally begging for your attention! These are the insider strategies to gaining more attention than even the muscle ripping jocks or the multi millionaire playboys!
  • Find out what you need to avoid so that your online dating experience is the best it can be! You need to be careful of these common dating scams that prey on guys like you.
  • Instantly save time and money by finding as many attractive women who are interested in pursuing a relationship without the head games! Don't spend a fortune on monthly dating subscriptions when you can follow my strategy to landing dates in record time!
  • Give your social life an instant adrenaline shot! If it's been awhile since you've been successful in love, now is the time to turn it all around! I'll show you exactly what you need to do to guarantee success in every online dating community you venture into!
  • Avoid humiliating face to face meetings by planning out the perfect date following my simple strategy! Never set up yourself up for disappointment again!
  • Getting involved in online dating has been one of the most exciting things I've done in a long, long time. Logging into my accounts only to find hundreds of emails from women dying to get my phone number, or spend some time talking offline ... well, it doesn't get any better than that.
  • Not having to chase after a relationship, or go through the ridiculous process of 'wine and dine' only to find out that what you thought was the girl of your dreams turns out to be a hellish nightmare.. well, I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to skip all that.
  • With online dating, you can weed through profiles, choose the people who you want to meet and ignore anyone who comes along that doesn't catch your eye. You can be as particular as you want, after all, it's your life you're willing to share right? So, you need to make sure that the people you are potentially hooking up with are exactly what they appear to be..
  • Online dating offers you an instant connection to the pulse of the singles marketplace. Rather than wasting time and money on dates that just don't go anywhere, you can get to know someone right from the comfort of your home, sparing yourself from awkward situations where you're dying to escape from the date but just don't know how to.
  • And better, with online dating you avoid the humiliation of potential rejection. By spending time getting to know someone BEFORE you meet them, you're maximizing your chances that you'll truly connect with that special someone.. after all, you'll both have invested yourselves into the "getting to know you" process long before you actually meet. 

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Extended Private Label License:
  • You can sell the product to customers with personal PLR (non transferable, meaning that your customers can not sell PLR themselves). - Yes
  • You can edit the product however you wish, including adding your name as the signature author. - Yes
  • You can use the graphic source files (psd) to modify the graphics, including colors, text, layers, gradients or create additional graphic files for the same package. - Yes
  • You can sell resale rights to the packages. - Yes
  • You can include up to two Content Grab packages within a paid membership site, provided your monthly subscription is priced above $27 (no more than two Content Grab packages can be included at any given time. You are permitted to sell NON‐ TRANSFERABLE PLR to your buyers. - Yes
  • You can sell Master Resale Rights to this package. - No
  • You can give away our packages or any individual products contained within them apart from reports, articles and autoresponder sequences. - No
  • You can add to free membership websites or paid membership websites with a monthly subscription cost lower than $27.00 - No
Personal PLR License:
  • You can sell the product to customers with personal rights. You are not permitted to sell private label, master resale or resell rights to this package under this licensing. - Yes
  • You can edit the product however you wish, including adding your name as the author, however you are not permitted to claim exclusive ownership of the content or material. - Yes
  • You can use the graphic source files (psd) to modify the graphics, however you are not permitted to sell the graphic source files separately with source files (PSD), nor are you permitted to use the source files of our graphics to re‐create new graphics that are intended to be sold. - Yes
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  • You can sell Master Resale Rights, Resale Rights or Private Label Rights to this package. - No
  • You can give away the ebook or graphic files contained within our packages. - No
  • You can add products to free membership websites. - No

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