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Optimize Your Websites (PLR / MRR)

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Optimize Your Websites

Product Description:

Excerpt -

 My name is Terry Telford, from TerryTelford.com and this evening we�re looking at a very, very profitable experience for everybody. You're going to learn the behind the scenes strategies and tactics for getting your websites listed highly, highly, highly in the search engines. And were going to have a special SEO or Search Engine Optimization package for you that has not been released yet. It�s officially launching tomorrow. But your going to be one of the first people on the planet who gets access to it. So we�ll be sharing that with you shortly. 

This evening, we're lucky to have two premier search engine optimization experts with us, David Congreave and Tim Whiston. We also have Roy Miller, who is a world class copy writer. Roy is our special bonus this evening and he�s going to give us some insight on writing great web copy. 

To give you a little back ground on these guys, David�s been online since about 2001. He is a search engine optimization specialist who sells online advertising. His clients, range from small businesses with few employees up to large multi-national corporations, and over 75% of the traffic he gets to his website, comes from search engines. This is a guy you definitely want to listen to, to see how to get your website listed highly in the search engines. 

Distribution Rights:

  • May sell at your own price - YES
  • May change the author's name - YES
  • May change, add, or remove content - YES
  • May use for article content - YES
  • May be converted into reports - YES
  • May be repackaged into multi-media products - YES
  • May be offered as a bonus with paid products - YES
  • May be sold as a private label rights product - YES
  • May be sold as a resale rights product - YES
  • May be sold as a master resale rights product - YES
  • May give away for free - NO
  • May be included in free websites - NO

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