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OptIn Boxes (MRR)

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OptIn Boxes

Product Description:

Introducing... a Fast, Easy Way to Increase Your Opt-In List By Grabbing The Attention of Your Visitors With Elegant and Classy Graphical Opt-In Boxs.

  • A few moments or so from now, you could be building your opt-in list faster and more effectively than ever before.
  • Have you noticed recently how all of the most successful sites and lead capture pages feature prominent, highly graphical opt-in boxes?
  • The reason for this is simple - it gets attention!
  • The fastest way to increase your response is to attract more attention to what you want the visitor to do.
  • People are skimmers, if you don't draw their eyes to what you want them to do, they just might pass it over altogether!
  • If you are building your list, you want people to notice your opt-in box. If your visitors don't clearly see your opt in offer or it blends in to the rest of your page you have just lost a potential opt-in and the opportunity to build a relationship with that customer.

Distribution Rights:

  • You may give these graphics away. - YES
  • You may resell these graphics. - YES
  • You may sell Resale Rights to others. - YES
  • You may sell Master Resale Rights to others. - YES
  • You may Include this in free or paid membership sites. - YES
  • You may NOT sell Private Label Rights to this package. - NO
  • You may use any of the images included in the package on an unlimited number of your own sales pages, websites, and auction pages. - YES

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