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Organic Gardening (PLR / MRR)

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Organic Gardening

Product Description:

Take a look the specifics contained within this amazing book:

  • A simple explanation of composting; how it works, why it’s necessary and how to do it!
  • A season by season explanation of composting
  • Tips on Turning Compost
  • How to Make Humus-step by step!
  • Understanding how Temperature Effects Composting
  • FAQ about Organic Composting
  • How to find more organic composting than your home/land produces to grow even larger gardens
  • How to keep down the smell of a compost/waste bucket

Distribution Rights:
  • Can become the author - Yes 
  • Can edit the contents - Yes 
  • Can be broken down into articles - Yes 
  • Can be used as web content - Yes 
  • Can sell - Yes 
  • Can be included into a paid package - Yes 
  • Can be used as a bonus - Yes 
  • Can be added to a paid membership - Yes 
  • Can be used as a PDF or eBook and collect leads for opt-in - Yes 
  • Can sell basic or master resell rights - Yes 
  • Can sell private label rights - Yes 
  • Can be published offline - Yes 
  • Can give away private label rights - No  
  • Can be added to a free membership - No  

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