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Pin To Wp Plugin PLR (MRR)

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Pin To Wp Plugin

Product Description :

Easy To Use! For Newbie And Pro Pinners Alike...

You can add unlimited USER feeds, AND unlimited BOARD feeds! All you need to know is the Pinterest username and Pinterest board name(as shown above) - enter the # of posts to make each time, how often to make them, and save!

You can syndicate your own Pinterest RSS feeds, or even the feeds of others! Our plugin does NOT interact with Pinterest.com and you do not need to provide your login details.

Now you never have to touch it again! It will check for new Pinterest.com entries on your USER/BOARD feeds, and post them to your blog as new posts according to the settings you define.

You can even select which Category on your blog you want these Pins added to! If you do not select a specific Category, posts will be added to the blog's default category.

Distribution Rights :

  • Personal Use - YES
  • Use For Your Sites - YES
  • Use For Client Projects - YES
  • Any Resale Rights - NO

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