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PLR Poster (PUO)

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PLR Poster
Part Number: PLRPOSTER

Product Description:

Here is what it can do for you in a nutshell

  • Grab all the content from a folder and upload it to your WordPress blogs (can post to multiple blogs of course)
  • Reads html, txt, rtf, and html files
  • Curate your content to send Google love to your blogs
  • Optimize all your content for better search engine rankings
  • Can optionally randomize the order the content if shown on the blog
  • Can set the post dates to be evenly distributed or randomly distributed
  • Can automatically create the tags for each post based on the content and title
  • Ability to create Hyperlinks from phrases in posts
  • Ability to Italicize phrases in posts
  • Ability to Bold phrases in posts
  • Automatically find 2 and 3 word phrases
  • Add blog categories
  • Add call to action before or after each post (banners, text links...)
  • Each post can have multiple categories
  • Hyperlinks can have "no-follow" attribute
  • Hyperlinks can specify "target" attribute
  • Specify incremental post time
  • Multiple posts per day
  • Export posts to HTML
  • Ability to Edit and Restore individual posts
  • Post to unlimited blogs from one machine
  • Open and Save Projects
  • No scripts to install
  • No file zipping required
  • Free updates

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