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Podcasting Book (PLR / MRR)

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Podcasting Book

Product Description:

And that’s the free information I’m going to tell you about.

  • Podcasting uses old technology that has been refined and put together in a new way to allow people with the right equipment (like an MP3 player, or an Internet connection and computer) to automatically receive recorded audio shows.
  • Rather than tuning in to the show at a certain time, like you may have to do with your favorite television show, a podcast lets you play that downloaded audio show at your convenience.
  • Out for a jog? Listen to it then on your MP3 Player!
  • Stuck in traffic? That’s a perfect time to turn off the mindless blather on the radio and tune in to a better program.
  • Enjoying a quiet night at home? Why not listen there, too!
If it’s a channel of your interests, are you more likely to enjoy it?
  • Sure you are, because it’s something you’re interested in.
  • It offers more focused and in depth coverage of the kinds of things you have a passion for.
  • Even if you pay for it, you will still enjoy it more than the free television you got from your antenna, right?
  • Absolutely. Because it’s focused on topics of interest to you.
  • And that is the next exciting thing about podcasting. Podcasting is not just a bunch of radio programs that are like every other radio program out there.

Reseller Tools
  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Includes Audios, Autoresponder series, 5 Day course, BannerAds and Graphics - Yes

Distribution Rights
  • Resale Rights - Yes
  • Master Resale Rights - Yes
  • Private Label Rights - Yes
  • Giveaway Rights - Yes
  • Offered as a Bonus - Yes
  • May Modify Product - Yes
  • Packaged with Other Products - Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites - Yes
  • May Publish Offline - Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes

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