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Public Domain Tycoon (MRR)

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Public Domain Tycoon

Product Description:

“Discover The Insider Trade Secrets Of Exploiting The Public Domain!"

Within the public domain, there are literally thousands of books that you can re-purpose, re-package, edit, create into compilations, bundle together into huge courses or collections, OR use "as is", and sell them for any price you wish.. without ever having to pay ANYONE for licensing rights, royalty fees or anything else often associated with current material.

And public domain goes beyond just books. 

On sites like Ebay, dozens of merchants are generating $100,000.00+ a year just by selling other material that they swiped from the public domain including images, films, and old photographs.

Do you have any idea just how many people are willing to pay top dollar for access to old photographs, reprints, or to have old novels, manuals and even government records re-created into digital ebooks, CD's or DVD products?

These people have no idea where to search for public domain, or how to verify it is 'usable', but with the complete guide to finding and exploiting public domain, you will know exactly where to find an unlimited supply of valuable public domain without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

No rummaging through garage sales, visits to the public library, visiting old book stores or the local Salvation Army. 

You will be able to find as many high quality books, images, films, documentaries, novels, and even music that comes with NO RESTRICTIONS in place, as you want.. right from your computer!

 Distribution Rights:

  • Can put your name on the sales page. - YES
  • Can be added into PAID membership sites. - YES
  • Can be sold. - YES
  • Can be packaged. - YES
  • Can be offered as a bonus. - YES
  • Can be sold on auction sites. - YES
  • Can be published offline. - YES
  • Can convey (Master) Resell Rights. - YES
  • Can be edited. - NO
  • Can be broken down into articles. - NO
  • Can be used as web or e-zine content. - NO
  • Can be given away for free (any format). - NO
  • Can be added into free membership sites. - NO
  • Can sell Private Label Rights. - NO

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