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Raising Exotic Bengal Kittens (MRR)

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Raising Exotic Bengal Kittens

Product Description :

Bengals are a good alternative for hybrid cats. It is known that such cats can hunt and fight for food. If cat lovers want to buy hybrid breeds they must go to cat shelters, animal rescue pounds and private or government owned NGOs. These cats are end product of mating between Asian leopards and domesticated cats, so they are really wild in nature. Proper vaccination should be given to any breed of cat for you and your family's' safety.

Domesticating kittens is different from dogs. Their behavior is peculiar and taming them is not an easy task. But these animals are very intelligent once they get familiar with their master. Age is a crucial factor to understand the diet of a cat. This book will provide you complete knowledge on what should be fed to your cat at different age levels. Bengals due to their rare and distinct breed are prone to many healthcare problems. We also consulted experienced veterinaries to include the do and don'ts regarding the health care of your cat.

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