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Sales Page Blueprints - Video Series (RR)

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Sales Page Blueprints - Video Series

Product Description:

"Direct Response Sales Copies WIN... Hands Down."

  • If you remember the last time you bought a product you probably were convinced by a sales letter before making your purchase - and I rest my case on that.

  • As a matter of fact, most marketing experts are making their millions online selling more volumes of their products which otherwise couldn't have been achieved without the aid of a better written copy.

  • Sales copies act like your personal sales man, only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... Pretty much like what you're reading right now, so you know I'm walking my talk.

"Introducing The Step-By-Step Videos To SalesPage Blueprints..."
  • Video #1: Introduction to Sales Page Blueprints and Tools You'll Need
  • Video #2: Identifying your Prospect
  • Video #3: Sales letter Format: Layout, Fonts, Width of Letter, Coloring
  • Video #4: Sales Letter Format: Long Letter vs. Short Letter - Which is Better? Using Links Correctly
  • Video #5: Writing Your Sales letter - Top Area: Headline, Sub-headline, Addressing the Prospect, Introduction
  • Video #6: Writing Your Sales letter - Middle Area: Announcing Your Product Or Service Solution, Benefits and Features
  • Video #7: Writing Your Sales Letter - Bottom Area: Endorsements / Testimonials, Proof, Bonus, Guarantee, Call to Action, P.S Areas
  • Video #8: Real Life Example - We'll Take What We Learned Above and Apply It To A Real Life Sales Letter
  • Video #9: How to Use Google's Website Optimizer Feature...For Split Testing Your Conversions

Distribution Rights:
  • Can sell Personal Rights with Autoresponders - YES
  • Can sell Personal Rights without Autoresponders - YES
  • Can sell Basic Resell Rights - NO
  • Can sell Master Resell Rights - NO
  • Can edit the sales page and put your name on it - YES
  • Can be sold in an eBook store if sold separately - YES
  • Can completely edit all autoresponders - YES
  • Can be sold for suggested price of $27 or higher - YES
  • Can be sold for minimum of $7 - YES
  • Can be added to paid membership sites - YES
  • Can add bonuses to the sales page as long as the product remains the main selling point - YES
  • Can claim original ownership of the site or product - NO
  • Can be sold in auction sites - NO
  • Can be sold in fire-sales or mass-bundle deals - NO
  • Can edit the original product and/or graphics - NO
  • Can sell the autoresponders separately - NO

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