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Scheduled Widgets Wordpress Plugin (PUO)

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Scheduled Widgets Wordpress Plugin

Product Description:

Because it's built for WordPress, you know you'll get:

  • Super-simple installation - Just upload the zipped file right from your dashboard. Installation takes just seconds.
  • Intuitive controls - No new skills to learn - it works just like every other plugin.
  • No code to write - other widget control plugins require you to know php functions, but if you can point and click you can use this one.
  • Easy upgrades - so you can keep your site safe.
  • No scripts to deal with - so you don't have to worry that readers won't see your content.

Plus, because it works on any widget, you can use scheduling to...

  • Test-drive opt-in forms - Create a unique landing page and let Google track the stats while you sit back and relax.
  • Plan promotions for an upcoming release - yours or a product you're an affiliate for.
  • Add polls to your site - find out what your readers REALLY want.
  • Run a one-day sale - just include the buy link in a text widget that's scheduled to expire at midnight.
  • Add a coupon code to a sales page - and remove it automatically when it's no longer valid.
  • Control content anywhere you can place a widget - on the sidebar, in the footer, on the home page, and even in the header.

Distribution Rights:

Personal Rights Only!

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