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Share To Download Wordpress Plugin PLR (MRR)

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Share To Download Wordpress Plugin

Product Description:

It's deceptively simple - and something you're probably already doing, just not with social media. But this plugin makes getting those shares even easier, with...

  • An easy-to-install plugin that works within the WordPress dashboard - no new scripts to master or software to learn.
  • Step-by-step configuration right on your page editing screen for quick set up and use.
  • Connects directly to Twitter and Facebook - no API or other techy stuff to worry about.
  • The option to ask customers to share before or after they download, for total control.
  • Fully customizable buttons - you can use your own graphic and place the button anywhere you like on the page.
  • Remembers your readers so they can return and download your ebook or special report without sharing again.
  • An option to include your mailing list form so you can not only expand your social media reach but grow your mailing list as well - all in one step!
  • Ability to place as many offers on as many pages as you like for endless testing and tracking.
  • Works with both pages and posts, so you're not limited to how you can share your content.
  • Works with any type of downloadable file, including PDFs, MP3s, MP4s, and even Word and Excel documents, so there's no end to what you can offer your readers.
  • Push-button placement of your download button allows you to test which locations work best - you can even include multiple buttons in a single post or page.

Distribution Rights:

Personal Use Only!

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