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Survey Everything (PLR / MRR)

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Survey Everything

Product Description:

Don't Know - Well Until Now That Is!

  • Have you seen all of the hugely successful big businesses and successful info marketers that seem to release product after product that is successful?
  • There's a reason for this!
  • They don't just come up with product ideas out of thin air and launch them randomly.
  • When they launch a product they know in advance if it's going to be a success before they put a bunch of money or research into it.
  • This isn't some 6th sense or some psychic power although you could probably make people believe that by using our incredible new system.
  • The fact is, they do everything in a precise manner and the results are obvious to them when they launch. Many companies that you see as successful come out with successful product after successful product.
  • But what gives them the edge and makes them so successful?

Scientifically Ask Visitors & Subscribers Exactly What
They Want, And Then They Give It To Them...
  • You see, they use sophisticated web software to ask their customers to tell them just what it is that they want.
  • They then analyze this data to see exactly what it is that is making people eager to buy and then use it in their product creation and promotion.
  • This is what creates a compelling offer.
  • Think about it, if you could personally ask your potential customers questions related to your product, do you think you could customize it just how they want and sell more of that product?
  • Sure you could!
  • Having this insider information about your potential clients could give you the edge that you need to make an absolute killing with your product
  • Surveying your prospects or current customers can mean the difference between a product that completely fails and one that is a raging success!

Reseller Tools
  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Includes Audios, Autoresponder series, 5 Day course, BannerAds and Graphics - Yes
Distribution Rights
  • Resale Rights - Yes
  • Master Resale Rights - Yes
  • Private Label Rights - Yes
  • Giveaway Rights - Yes
  • Offered as a Bonus - Yes
  • May Modify Product - Yes
  • Packaged with Other Products - Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites - Yes
  • May Publish Offline - Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes

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