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Survey Wizard Software (MRR)

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Survey Wizard Software

Product Description:

What Can I Expect With The Ultimate Survey Wizard?

  • An Incredibly Easy Interface For Fast Setups & Easy Browsing Of Surveys! 
  • Detailed Stats & Reporting Functions That Do All The Data Analysis For You! 
  • Simple As 1-2-3 User Instructions That Show You Exactly How To Get Setup! 
  • No Software To Install Or Mess With So You Can Forget About Technical Hang Ups! 
  • Easy To Understand Stats That Are Already Broken Down For You To Read! 
  • Sorting, Searching & Viewing Tools To See & Manipulate Survey Data & Responses!
The Payoff:  

  • After a certain number of people have answered your survey you login back into your Survey Everything account and review the answers for this campaign! 
  • If you keep seeing a lot of the same kinda of answer such as- 
  • "The reason I was leaving your website without buying is because you do not take paypal" 
  • Guess- what you just learned.... how to instantly increase your conversion rate by simply adding paypal as a payment option!! 
  • No obviously this is a simple thing to do, you will get all kinds of answers that will help you dial in your site for optimum conversions on your traffic! 
  • All this just for giving away a few free copies of your digital product! That's the great thing about digital products, sell or give away 10 or 10,000 and your cost stays the same! 
  • Now that you have your site dialed in remove the free product popups and get ready to make some sales! 

Distribution Rights:
  • You have full master resell rights to this product. - Yes
  • You MAY resell this product and give resale rights to your customers. (Suggested value: $47) - Yes
  • You MAY offer this product as a bonus to a PAID product. - Yes
  • You MAY include this product on a PAID membership site. - Yes
  • You CAN give this product away for free. - No
  • You CAN include this product on a free membership site. - No
  • You CAN sell this product or give it away on Ebay or any other auction site! - No
  • You CAN change ANY of the content. Content is © TomeyMarketing.com - No
  • This is a http://www.MyOriginalEProducts.com product, and CAN be bundled with more than one other product from http://www.MyOriginalEProducts.com - No

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