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The Internet Empire (PLR / MRR)

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The Internet Empire

Product description :

As a businessperson, you should not allow the paltriness in your mind to get the better of you. You should not confine yourself to thinking about petty things. What you need to think about is the big picture.

This is where you strategize, foresee and plan things to implement today so that the future of your business is stabilized.

If you only think about your current expenses and the present scenario of your business, then you are going to be stuck in the rut for a very long time.

If you want you take your business to a wider clientele and really prosper with itthen you need to think about the big picture.

There are 2 elements involved in attaining a magnet personality. The first is your ability to draw in people. The second is your accessibility, the extent to which others perceive you as being open.

Together, these 2 qualities create a positive attitude, one of the top traits of a master marketer. Together, they influence how magnetic you are for your business.

You've probably heard of a person having a magnetic personality. If something or somebody is magnetic, the object or individual has an extraordinary power or ability to attract.

A Lack Of Magnetism is like trying to draw entice an Eskimo with an ice cube!

  • You might be facing these struggles:
  • tickLearning how to be charismatic and intriguing..
  • tickLearning how to draw people in...
  • tickLearning how to get people to want to get to know you more
  • tickGetting people to recognize your magnetism enough to want to work with you!
  • tickMany more horrors 

Distribution rights :

  • You can sell personal rights - YES
  • You can sell re-sell rights - YES
  • You can sell master resell rights - YES
  • You can sell private label rights - NO
  • Can sell branding rights - NO
  • Can give away the eBook - YES
  • Can give away eBook minisite - NO
  • Can add the eBook and mini-site to paid memberships - YES
  • Can bundle up to 20 products together - YES
  • Can add bonuses to the eBook offer - YES
  • Can sell in dime sale events - NO
  • Can sell in auction sites - NO
  • Can claim authorship - NO
  • Can claim copyrights - NO

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