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Traffic And Ads Training (MRR)

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Traffic And Ads Training

Product Description :

Social media is fast gaining phenomenal popularity for the current generation and in most cases it seems to be the only mode of communications for those immersed into the online world. Business and leisure activities are both mostly conducted online thus creating a wealth of resources available to be tapped into.

Distribution Rights :

  • You can be sold - Yes
  • You can sell resale rights or master resell rights - Yes
  • You can add the product into your product bundle or package and sell for a higher price - Yes
  • You can be added to a paid membership site - Yes
  • You CAN give the product away for FREE (PDF only) - Yes
  • You CANNOT offer the product as a bonus to another product you are selling. However, you can offer other bonuses to this product when selling - No
  • You CANNOT sell the product on auction sites such as eBay.com - No
  • You CANNOT use nor sell this product in a dime sale event, - No

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