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25 Raising and Training Dogs PLR Articles (PLR/MRR)

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25 Raising and Training Dogs PLR Articles

Article Topics:

  1. How to Be a Responsible Breeder
  2. Making Money as a Breeder
  3. Offering Health Guarantees on Your Puppies
  4. Placing the Right Puppy in the Right Home
  5. Preparing the Bitch for Breeding
  6. Reasons to Consider Breeding Your Bitch
  7. Selecting a Breed
  8. Selecting Buyers for Your Puppies
  9. Testing for Health Concerns before You Breed
  10. The First Few Days with Newborn Puppies
  11. What to Expect While Raising Your Litter
  12. Whelping the Puppies
  13. When It’s Time for Puppies to Go to New Homes
  14. When Veterinary Intervention Is Required
  15. Writing Contracts for the Sale of Your Puppies
  16. Arranging Your Breeding Schedule
  17. Breeding Puppies for Fun
  18. Breeding Puppies for Profit
  19. Choosing a Stud Dog
  20. Dealing With Disputes over Your Puppies
  21. Deciding to Breed Puppies
  22. Expectations during the Bitch’s Pregnancy
  23. Financial Considerations for Breeders
  24. Finding Buyers for Your Puppies
  25. Getting Ready for the Puppies to Arrive

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