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Viral Marketing Frenzy (MRR)

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Viral Marketing Frenzy

Product Description:

You'll also quickly learn the five must-have elements of a successful viral campaign, including:

  • Leveraging the resources of other marketers - Building a JV partnership might just be the rock that gets the landslide going!
  • Why it's important to offer great free content - and how to put together a valuable product quickly and easily
  • Why your campaign must be unique - and how simply being yourself will solve the problem
  • The strategy behind getting more traffic without paying more money – once you get the ball rolling, there don’t need to be additional costs.
  • Amazing strategies that will bring free traffic to your site years after the advertising campaign has ended.
  • Protect yourself from complaints and negative comments. Build a buffer that shields your good reputation.
  • Find customers you didn’t even know existed – Viral messages spread to every “hidden” niche on the web.
  • The truth behind marketers promises to make your marketing go viral – learn what they can and cannot guarantee.
  • Learn the secret to getting customers to return over and over again – build a fiercely loyal customer base.
  • “Free” will not always bring more customers – discover the tricks that will catch the interest of picky consumers.
  • You can put your “brand” in front of thousands of eyes – before they even go to your site.
  • Secrets that make it easy for your visitors to tell others – This one secret can make your message spread like wildfire.

You’ll also discover….

  • Why referrals from friends and family are so powerful.
  • How to turn visitors into your own marketing network.
  • How to attract customers that want to buy your product.
  • How to turn yourself into an expert in your niche.
  • How one site earned $1 Million with an idea no one thought would work.
  • Why some techniques go viral while others just sit there.

Distribution Rights:

  • Can sell personal rights - YES
  • Can sell basic resell rights - YES
  • Can sell master resell rights  - YES
  • Can sell rebranding rights - NO
  • Can sell private label rights - NO
  • Can give away for free in any format – however you may give a few chapters away for sampling/list-building - NO
  • Can be added to paid memberships - YES
  • Can be sold on auction sites - YES
  • Can be sold in fire sales - YES
  • Can be sold in dime sale events - NO
  • Can add your name and additional copy-writing to improve sale letter - YES
  • Can be edited packaged/repacked with other products - NO
  • Can edit the mini-site graphics - NO
  • Can claim authorship - NO
  • Can claim copyrights - NO

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